Evinrude Outboard Motors

After many years of experience in the industry, Evinrude has perfected its outboard design to provide superior performance, outstanding fuel efficiency, and the latest technology with every product. Speaking of technology, Evinrude uses a fuel-delivery technology called direct injection, which allows gas engines to burn more efficiently. The result is improved power, cleaner emissions, and unmatched fuel economy. If you’re not sure which Evinrude outboard motor to choose, we’re here to help. We’ve gathered some basic information on the models below.

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The Evinrude E-Tec® High Output series is all about providing you with optimal performance. Every outboard is tuned for more speed and power than you’d expect. If you’re looking to take your on-the-water experience to the next level, this is the way to do it.

E-Tec® G2

If it’s simplicity and ease of use you’re after, look no further than the E-Tec® G2 engine. This engine is equipped with the Intelligent Piloting System, which combines integrated features to analyze combustion. Whether you’re a new or seasoned boater, this’ll make you feel like a pro.

E-Tec® Jet Series

You’ll have the lightest jet outboard in its class when you invest in the E-Tec® Jet series. Enjoy features like smooth maneuverability and extra quiet operation. The two-position lift gates offer both forward and reverse capabilities so you can do it all with this Evinrude outboard.

E-Tec® Pontoon

The E-Tec® Pontoon series is, you guessed it, an excellent option for pontoon boats. You’ll still get all the benefits that come with an E-Tec® outboard but it’s specifically designed for use in a pontoon, providing you with features like better thrust, reduced vibrations, and easy operation.


The E-Tec® technology the government relies on is also available to civilians. These innovative outboards feature an onboard computer along with an E-Tec® fuel system and injectors. The multi-fuel benefits include unique engine mapping systems, modified deflector pins, and a special cylinder sleeve oiling.


When you need a certain level of flexibility, check out Evinrude portable engines. These impressive outboards are the perfect blend of performance and convenience. The fast-idle choke system provides you with easy and simple starting. Optional features include shallow water drive and tilt and front mount shift levers.


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